ATsolve is a tailored solution provider to all aspects of both Business and Project Initiatives. Its services are flexible and through consultation with all organisations provides effective and efficient services to meet the needs of the specific requirements required.

ATsolve is a Sustainable Management Professional Development Organization specialising in Training and Certification, Consultancy and Business Development. Our Aim is to decouple socio-environmental degradation from economic growth by infusing sustainable practices into Business, Portfolio, Program and Project Management.

ATsolve offers:

  • Wide range of training packages that can be delivered separately or integrated into tailored specific packages
  • A full range of consultancy services
  • Business development advisory services
  • Services provided across a range of geographical regions, including Australia, South Pacific, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, and Vietnam (visit our regional activities page to find out more).

Our Approach

ATsolve’s strategy and approach to sustainability is aligned to improving the business operating model to reflect more sustainable practices. Within ATsolve, sustainability is the keystone of our commitment to provide the highest quality service to our customers. Engagement with our stakeholders is vital to ensure that we continue to address those business impacts and requirements that are important to them. Increasingly, stakeholders believe that well managed companies will deliver sustainable competitive advantage and long term shareholder value. Their involvement help us to better understand their needs and to progressively refine our approach to managing all aspects of environmental and social risks and opportunities. Our approach is simple: to use clear global policies and frameworks like (PRISM) to ensure alignment, understanding and commitment to projects and business initiatives integrating sustainable methods.

Our People

Our people are fundamental to our delivery of service and reputation and we recognise their positive contribution to our performance, ensuring our employees are well trained, motivated and productive is an essential component of our business model.

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Our Values

  • Openness, trust and integrity
  • Passion for quality
  • Win through framework
  • Respnsiveness