Business Model

A proven and sustainable Business Model


Performance and Targets

ATsolve believes in setting and agreeing targets and performance measures with our clients as this is essential for continuous improvement in the development process.

The benefits of effective performance measurement include:

  •  better management and delivery of the development process.
  •  savings made from improved delivery of outcomes.
  •  ability to demonstrate achievements against policy and business targets and needs.

Monitoring performance during delivery of outcomes rather than waiting for completion is essential; it will allow the team to identify areas for continuous improvement and enhance the long-term benefits from the process. The delivery team can focus on performance against specific criteria identified in the business case, supplier performance against milestones or standards, and overall value for money.

ATsolve considers the development of performance measures relates to a number of key targets, which are outlined below.

1.cost reduction and efficiency improvement and should be reflected in plans and budgets taking due account of:

  1. a) predictable movements in costs and performance.
  2. b) expectations for continuous performance improvements by business initiatives with regard to the cost, quality and maintenance of their goods and services.
  3. key performance indicators – reflecting:

(a) achievement of milestones on the critical development path.

(b) achievement within budget on a whole of life basis.

(c) acceptance tests performance.

  1. customer service:

customer satisfaction through greater alignment with objectives and goals, which includes service levels and response times, and perceived value for money in the outcome obtained.