Business & Project Management

Organisations are currently experiencing significant challenges within their business and project environments. Organisations are seeking to develop flexible, sustainable and innovative practices to meet the ever changing global community. They are seek to integrate better systems and procedures to streamline efficiency as well as utilising their “HUMAN CAPITAL” resources more effectively. ATSolve are able to offer a comprehensive range of traditional practical and knowledge training programs that can be easily adapted to meet the specific requirements of the organisation. Aligning training with the strategic corporate requirements ensures that the most cost-effective programs are implemented to produce real results. ATSolve’s team of industry experienced professionals allows for training to be delivered against real scenarios and practical based outcomes. Why has it become so important for staff to be trained:

  • promote ongoing professional and corporate development
  • provide staff with the training tools to allow them to perform their tasks with greater confidence
  • enhance and develop existing skills of staff across the organisations initiatives and projects
  • access to certification programs (eg AIPM – RegPM certification)
  • opportunity to provide ongoing support through mentoring / coaching programs

At ATSOLVE, the ability to combine traditional training courses, in business, project and contract management, with sustainable management allows us to meet the specific needs of each client with tailored solutions. The cost-effective, efficient and practical training solutions offers the most appropriate training solution to deliver real advantages to each client.

We offer the following Business & Project Management courses:

  • Management (project / contract) systems audits
  • Management Assessment Projects Integrating Sustainability  Download assessment details
  • Tailored Project management development courses
  • Diploma in Project management – 5 day course
  • Risk Management – 1 day course
  • MS Project – 2 day course – Download course’s details
  • Governance Series – Enterprise Risk Management, Portfolio and Program Management
  • Contract Management training / development (incl Contract Admin / Cost Management ) – 2 and 5 day options – Download course’s details
  • Strategic Outcomes / Negotiations – 2 day course – Download course’s details
  • Team Building / Motivation – 2 and 5 day options
  • Organisational Culture / Change – 2 and 5 day courses – Download course’s details
  • Contract and Project Management Consulting (incl project evaluations)
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Train the Trainer

Full courses’s details will be available soon meanwhile please register your interest for more informations.

NOTE: Prices shown are indicative and may vary based upon actual content, location and participants numbers.  All courses are designed to be able to be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the organisation and may be integrated with other Atsolve courses to produce a most appropriate effective training package to meet specific needs.