Creating healthy work environments

Recently, Queensland-based innovative electronic product company, Inseries Electronics was asked to advise on a workplace health and safety risk in a major high rise commercial/residential building on the Gold Coast. The buildings “Refuse Room” had an ongoing history of air quality issues and a number of items had been used in the past to deal it – without success. The room serves a large commercial hospitality area comprising a large number of restaurants, bars, and bistros.

Inseries Electronics installed 2 of the MP100 units in the room and almost immediately, kitchen staff who use the room noticed a significant improvement in the air quality.

air steriliser

The installation of the units within the complex has had a number of benefits:

  • Reduced exposure to workplace health and safety risk within the refuse rooms
  • Reduced insurance potential risk within the refuse room
  • Allowed the workers who use the room to be provided with improved “health and Well-being” (reference United Nations – Sustainable Development Goal 3)

Rooms such as this are unfortunately far too common, with many service areas becoming issues.

Resolution of these problems often has resulted in more than just the air issues needing to be resolved. Floors, walls and ceilings have often become coated in grime and compounded the workplace health risks. Some problem areas, due to their locations, have also impacted on the perception of the building itself, when owners, clients or customers have noticed the “foul” odours emanating from the “building”.

A poor atmosphere within or around a building can have a significant impact on its reputation. In some buildings, advanced floor and wall coatings have been required to combat the workplace health risks.