Emergence of Sustainability Principles

sam Ndoyo

With the emergence of sustainability, there has been an increase in the understanding that people arethe main factor of achieving benefits through the incorporation of Sustainable Principles. The balance between people and the environment that they live and work in is more and more important.

It has become essential when considering any project or business initiative that the needs of the people involved, both directly and indirectly, are balanced against the environment and the need for return on investment. In the past, many projects have not achieved the balance and the resulting difficulties are now becoming evident.

The efficient use of resources both within a company and external are vital to the effective management of the organisation. A motivated staff focussed on delivering real sustainable outcomes is one of the best resources for success.

Today, the emergence of social media and digital communication have changed the way people are able to respond to issues. The effective use of technology and the motivated users of the technology are one of the greatest challenges to corporate success in the current global environment, particularly across cultural and heritage boundaries.

The challenge is to create an integrated environment focussed on delivery of benefits to all stakeholders. “Together Change can be Achieved”.

Written by Sam Ndoyo, Management Consultant at ATsolve.