Health and Wellbeing – in a time of challenge.

In todays challenging times, we can not forget that sustainability must be integrated into every thing we do. Some research has already identified environmental factors that “may” have impacted on the extent of the recent health issues. Air and Water qualities are essential for maintaining good health standards.

Generally, enhanced “Good Health & Wellness” SDG3, provides an environment for:

  • Potentially reducing the number of deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents.
  • Reduced stress and tension, as citizens achieve better mental health and generally healthier.
  • More productive and committed workforce and engaged population.
  • Greater concentration of resources on effective services and treatments
  • Enhanced compliance with the goals of all other United Nations Sustainable Goals, including:
    • Reduced poverty (SDG1) – a key link to better health and wellness
    • Reducing Hunger (SDG 2) – a key link to better health and wellness
    • Better education (SDG 4) – better health and wellness promotes opportunities for better education due to commitment of citizens.
    • Better water and sanitation services (SDG 6) and Energy Services (SDG 7) – a key requirement to better health and wellness
    • Decent work and economic conditions (SDG 8) – a healthier workforce increase productivity and commitment.
    • Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG 9) / sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11)
    • Climate action including cleaner waters, land and air (SDG 13 – 15)
    • Greater engagement with global opportunities, services and standards
    • Increased economic opportunities

An investment in aspects of Health & Wellness, will therefore have a positive effect across all aspects of life. A single investment in Health & Well-being has an automatic significant multiplier effect. It creates “Savings” as waste is reduced and “benefits” are created.

Without having good, effective holistic Health and Well-being services available to all, economic, social, environmental change to achieve sustainable benefits cannot be achieved.

FILE PHOTO: The City of London financial district is seen from Primrose Hill as high air pollution obscures the skyline over London April 10, 2015. . REUTERS/Toby Melville/File Photo

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