Indonesian renewable Energy Forum 2018

Following on from his recent attendance at the Indonesian Renewable Energy Forum in Jakarta, ATsolve’s Business Development Manager, Sam Ndoyo, visited Sepa Island. The island is part of the “Thousand Island” group which features tropical islands and pristine waters. Sam’s enthusiasm for sustainability was featured in his restatement of the aims – save the waters and the animals (which are included in United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals number 14 and 15).

These sentiments are also evident across countries such as Indonesia, where the links between nature, people and sustainable economies are becoming increasingly important. An initiative such as the “Smart Cities” program, in parts of Indonesia, illustrate these links and the importance of creating “Sustainable Communities” which is United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal number 11.

With the belief that “Together ‘Sustainable Change’ can be achieved”, the future sustainability of areas such as Sepa Island and others across the region looks encouraging. Areas like this, when combined with other regions around the world illustrate the growing importance of achieving sustainable management for all – nature/people/economies. Both governments and organisations are committing to a sustainable future.