Innovation and Creativity – a challenge for all.

As the global village deals with the current challenges of climate change / sustainability and the Pandemic, it is important that we review, investigate and consider all of the integrated factors that influence our thought processes.

It is important that whether we are managing an issue in our daily life or planning a multinational project or planning a national economic recovery program, that sustainability is a key element.

The need to integrate sustainability into all of our thinking doesn’t always need to be complex. It is often just the need to stop, think, review and consider all potential impacts and influences. “Management Assessment Planning Integrating Sustainability” (MAPIS) has been created to provide a flexible, easy to incorporate planning tool that can be understood at all levels and provide real sustainable benefits to any level of project or initiative. The process also provides an opportunity to ensure that “new generation” undertakings are able to focus of the new needs and expectations of all stakeholders in these challenging times. Today, traditional methods of planning undertakings will not provide real solutions. The introduction of Innovation and Creativity into all endeavours offers hope and understanding.

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