Meet our team

Alan Tupicoff – CEO, Director of consultancy services

Over 40 years of experience in a number of industries, including building and construction, within both public and private sectors provides practical experience to any situation. With training as a Sustainable Manager, Project Manager, Contract Manager and Quantity Surveyor, effective, tailored, logical solution can be prepared in consultation with stakeholders to ensure results are aligned with the organisations Strategic Goals and Expectations.

Alan is also experienced as a trainer within both vocation and tertiary education sectors and has a passion for assisting groups to reach their potential and to ensure that outcomes are both effective and efficient. Alan is globally certified as a GPM-Sustainable Manager (GPM-b).

As the Founder of Atsolve and co-founder of GPM Asia-Pacific there is a demonstrated commitment to working with groups and organisations across the region to develop skills and resolve complex issues. Through his connections with groups such as Solomon Islands Sustainable Project Management Association, International Project Management Association and Asia-Pacific Federation of Project Management, Alan has experience in a number of global locations.

Alan is an executive board member of GPM Global, Co-author of GPM – P5 standard, and Director – GPM Global Awards and is currently a member of United Nations Assoc of Aust (Qld).

Extensive experience in management is highlighted as previously National Director – Aust Inst of Project Management (AIPM), currently board member – LEMCO and Finding Other Solutions (FOS) Consortium, and Business Development Manager – Civil Building Construction (CBC).

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Jeff Dutton – Director of certifications and assessments

Jeff has extensive experience within housing, retail, food manufacture, human development and community sector organisations within both private and public sectors. He has also worked extensively within all areas of the vocation and tertiary education sectors.

His qualifications include a Bachelor of Business with a Masters in Business Administration (Exec), and holds a Certified Practicing Project Manager (CPPM) and is globally certified as a GPM-Sustainable Manager (GPM-b).

His commitment to the industry and to social justice initiatives are highlighted as a Founding Director – National Affordable Housing Consortium (NAHC), and Co-Founder of GPM Asia-Pacific.

Commitment to ongoing professional standards development is an integral part of Jeff’s commitment to the industry and therefore is a certified RegPM Assessor (AIPM) and a board member of GPM Global – Accreditations. He is also a member of Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and a current member of Qld Chapter Council – Aust Institute of Project Management.

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Thomas Lespes-Muñoz – Digital Marketing Consultant and Global Solutions

Thomas holds a Master degree in Marketing and a Bachelor in Business administration and has experience in marketing and digital marketing & communication within the advertising and international consulting sectors. As a part of his experience, he has been involved in the development of sustainable and innovative projects within the EU framework programme Horizon 2020. His experiences in B2B and B2C have exposed him to various consumers profiles. Thomas has a strong international & multicultural background as he studied in the UK, worked in Spain and is now based in Australia.

Thomas’ handle a wide range of marketing and globalisation activities including SEO, website development/design, social media marketing, digital customer experience, international marketing and website localisation. Thomas speaks fluently French, English and Spanish and is our go to when it comes to helping clients develop an online presence or extend their international reach. Thomas believes that equal access to information no matter the linguistic background is a key step on the path to sustainability for organisations and his past experience in the language industry enable us to facilitate the translation and localisation of your content into +2oo languages.

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Sam Ndoyo – Management Consultant

sam NdoyoSam holds a Business degree and has had worked with both large and small companies previously in the south-east Asian region with experience in strategic marketing, sales, and customer relations.

Sam is well travelled and has been interested in sustainability for many years with particular involvement in managing agricultural and retail operations. He has a strong interest in humanitarian, community and social management as well as managing of the natural environment.)


 Support Staff

Atsolve support staff are experienced in a wide range of services including:

  • administration,
  • management,
  • defence,
  • education,
  • environmental,
  • logistics,
  • retail and hospitality
  • infrastructure,
  • commercial,
  • institutional,
  • social welfare,
  • creative arts and
  • development support services.

All staff are committed to delivering services to clients that assist organisations achieve their strategic objectives and tailoring all services to meet their specific corporate needs.

ATsolve seek to appoint the most suitable support staff to meet the requirements of each task required.