Our work

Australia & New Zealand Institute for Sustainable Management (ANZISM)

At ATsolve we are a strong advocate of sustainability, we developed and designed the website for ANZISM as well as creating the brand identity. The institute the first of its kind in the region and aim at gathering like-minded professionals in the area of project management to enhance a brighter and more sustainable future.

Visit Australia & New Zealand Institute for Sustainable Management website.

Finding Other Solutions

As a member of the FOS Group, Atsolve is pleased to be associated with an innovative group of companies which has sustainability at the core of its activities.

Sri Joydip Ashram

Atsolve staff are involved with and support the activities of this NGO which is based in India. Alan Tupicoff from Atsolve serves as “Advisor and Mentor” of the NGO’s Board and is pleased to be involved with such a group that has United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals – in particular SDG 3 at the core of its activities.

Other Activities:

Atsolve has significant experience in working with Academic Institutions to assist in promoting the benefits of integrating sustainability in all activities. Activity has included course presentations in Australia, Indonesia, India, and Germany.

Atsolve is also involved with a number of building and construction groups in delivering sustainability and contract management services.