ATsolve has identified a number of allied groups which share our global vision for sustainability and is proud to be aligned with them in delivering real sustainable change within our region.

Our partners include:

Sri Joydip Ashram ( Gyan Yoga Training and Research Centre) deals in holistic health focussing on developing a person’s inner health. The centre is an Indian based NGO and conducts a number of Yoga based training courses. It is a member of the United Nations Global Compact and focuses on supporting the implementation of Sustainable development Goal 3.

Visit Sri Joydip Ashram website


F.O.S is a Consortium of combined association of innovative businesses, focusing on developing a specialized delivery model that incorporates “innovation through flexibility” in its approaches and practices in the field of human services including experience, consultation, research, policy analysis, and training.

Visit FOS website

The Sustainable Living Infrastructure Consortium (SLIC) is a not for profit entity of NAHC which has an affiliation with Griffith University, Queensland, Australia. As a not-for-profit low-income housing provider, one of the key objectives of NAHC is to further the national and international provision of sustainable and affordable living choices.

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ANZISM is a professional membership body representing organisations and individuals, in New Zealand and Australia, who understand and implement sustainability in their endeavours. Globally, Sustainability is being implemented in all types of projects and within business initiatives to produce real benefits.

Find out more about Australia & New Zealand Institute of Sustainable Management