Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a key component of online presence and digital marketing, it allows your brand to interact with your community and target audiences in a less formal context than classic advertising. There are more than 2 billions of Facebook users, 800 millions people are using Instagram, 467 million of professional are listed on Linkedin (numbers, third quarter 2017) and the list goes on. Social media represent a fantastic channel for brands to approach audiences and connect with their community.

social media marketing

The diversity of social networks, audiences, formats make necessary to build a social media strategy to achieve results. It is important to identify some key information before heading into the social space as a company per example who is my audience? Which social media do they use? What kind of content are they after?…

At Atsolve we work with you to answer these questions and we build a social media strategy based on your objectives and we create an action plan to implement the strategy into your social media activity. To extend your reach and enhance the way you connect with your social audience we base our strategy on 2 approaches, inbound and outbound.

Inbound Social Media Marketing

inbound social media marketing

The inbound approach in social media is part of a global inbound marketing strategy. Inbound marketing relies on quality, attractive content proposed to audiences to make a brand attractive and naturally drive traffic and leads. A smart use of social media is crucial when driving an inbound marketing strategy, it enables brands to make their inbound content available for their audiences.

Inbound marketing can take all sorts of forms: blog, white papers, video marketing, podcasts… The idea is to create enough attractive content so that your audience naturally consult it without you having to drive them via advertising such as sponsored posts, Adwords… A successful inbound marketing takes great content and consistent updates therefore for a better chance of success it is important to decide ahead on a strategy.

We work with you on what content is available to you to create a successful inbound marketing and we implement it at the heart of the social media strategy to enhance your brand attractiveness and grow your audience. 

Outbound Social Media Marketing

outbound social media marketing

The inbound approach is based on the fact that you already have a certain audience on your social channels but in some cases, you are just getting started on social media and therefore your audience is not significant enough to develop an inbound strategy. That is when outbound social media marketing comes into play, this approach relies on using social media advertising tool to extend your reach and build your audience.

A successful outbound approach requires great content just like inbound marketing except that in this case, your content is aiming at retaining audiences newly exposed to your brand content. To build your audience you need to connect with users that aren’t yet part of your community, to do so most social medias offer advertising solutions which enable you to target and reach these users.

In order to turn outbound social marketing campaigns into a larger audience, some strategic thinking is needed ahead such as targeting, content definition, budget… At ATsolve we’ve developed various campaigns to drive lead generation, grow audiences on different social networks. Contact us to discuss your current social media situation and how we can help you turn it into a profitable outcome.

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