Sustainable Management Solutions

“Sustainability is now firmly on the global business agenda, but there is an urgent need to turn words into action…” and that “The business of business is sustainability”. (UNGC’s Executive Director Georg Kell)

The recent emergence of Sustainability as a significant global business and environmental initiative, has seen:

  • Sustainability spreading fast across the globe
  • The scope of corporate sustainability (and Corporate Social responsibility) being realised as “Business Norm”
  • Sustainability gaining strategic ground in the board room
  • Actions and intentions are still not aligned but are starting to see transformation
  • Sustainability cascading through the value chain
  • Transparency is becoming the new norm
  • New forms of collaboration between business and society are increasing

We offer the following sustainable management solutions courses & certifications:

Courses’s details will be available soon meanwhile please register your interest for more informations.

NOTE: Prices shown are indicative and may vary based upon actual content, location and participants numbers.  All courses are designed to be able to be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the organisation and may be integrated with other Atsolve courses to produce a most appropriate effective training package to meet specific needs.