Tools and Processes

Management Assessment Planning Integrating Sustainability (MAPIS) assesses:

  • likelihood issues will occur. 
  • level of impact or effect.
  • level of management or effort needed to deal with or manage the issue.
  • potential of specialist involvement / interaction.

In today’s challenging times, success is driven by basic philosophy that can be applied at all stages of management and implementation: “STOP, THINK, CONSIDER, RETHINK, RECONSIDER, AND IMPLEMENT then RETINK AND RECONSIDER REGULARLY TO SEEK THE BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOMES FOR ALL”.

MAPIS is a modern process that integrates the benefits of sustainability into traditional organisational processes to create a tailored environment for enhanced outcomes / success. The process is:

  • Simple to use and understand, creating an environment for interaction and innovation.
  • Low cost to implement with little disruption to existing operations.
  • Provides effective / actionable results that can produce real benefits and cost savings adapted to operating requirements.
  • Flexible to all levels of business and projects as well as participants /stakeholders
  • Allows for real time updating for operational needs and ability to assess outcomes at relevant opportunities, throughout the lifecycle.
  • Allows for update or consideration of corrective actions or new issues as need arises.

Consider implementing this process in your activities to enhance delivery of real sustainable benefits Further details Implementing it is inexpensive and simple, whilst not significantly interrupting your regular activities.


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