Training & Certifications

The rise of Sustainability is one of the most important challenges of our time. Organisations are seeking to develop prosperity, without compromising the life of future generations. They are seeking to integrate ideas of sustainability in their marketing, corporate communication, annual reports and in their actions. The challenge is to ensure that the organisations – “HUMAN CAPITAL” – is able skilled to deliver on these challenges. Why has it become so important for staff to be trained:

  • promote sustainability as a direct way to improve organizations and make the world a better place.
  • Training courses incorporate “ Case Study” sessions to illustrate sustainable principles in real life scenarios.
  • the courses are the only international management training which focusses on best practice and certifying organization to support for the UN Global Compact and fully integrate their 10 Principles for Sustainability into their corporate initiatives.
  • Training enhances the existing skills of practitioners by providing tools to incorporate sustainable principles across the organisation’s initiatives and projects
  • The sustainability tools are able to be immediately incorporated into business activities, offering cost-effective, efficient training.

gpm course

Globally recognised Certification allows:

  • International recognition as a “Sustainable Manager”
  • Recognition of qualifications against recognised standard
  • Ongoing access to updated information on sustainable management activities