Web design

Your website is the pillar of your online strategy, this is your brand's digital display and where you get the chance to transform a visitor into a customer. Having a good web design enable you to make a good first impression on your digital audience and step out from the competition. Therefore you should put it at the heart of your digital strategy and aim to serve your online visitor with a memorable browsing experience.


Websites crafted with care

The design of your website plays a major role in the user experience you are providing your visitors with. A good web design enables you to make a good first impression on your visitors and greatly help to retain traffic, improving conversions, lead generation and overall proposing a good visual experience. Web design offer multiple opportunities to translate your brand's image and values into graphics that reflect who you are as a company.

Web design that reflects your brand's values

At Atsolve we like to get to know your brand and company before we make decisions on designs in order to reflect better your brand on screen. We've crafted beautiful websites that focus on brand's value and integrate seamlessly with initial graphic guidelines for our clients. If you don't have a style guide yet we are also able to help with that.


Cross device friendly websites

Mobile traffic overtook desktop as the biggest source of internet traffic and will reach 75% of the overall traffic in the near future. It is crucial to build your website for mobile users as well, delivering mobile users with a good user experience will increase your traffic retention, conversions but also help with rankings in search engines.

We exclusively design mobile-friendly websites in order to achieve a good mobile experience to do so we use responsive themes and layouts, we code device-specific style rules and test your website on a diverse range of mobile devices before delivering you with the project.


CMS built

web design content management system

Our websites are built via Content Management Platforms (CMS) WordPress which offer unlimited options for styling and layouts but also for functionalities. WordPress enables a far more advanced level of customisation and optimisation than any other CMS. We are also happy to work with your current CMS system if you are using one in particular.

Integration friendly

web design integration

Our websites are built to ease the integration of your existing processes such as payments, applications, social media... WordPress offers a lot of solutions to integrate seamlessly with other applications and if there are none on the market the platform lets us develop ourselves the customised integrations and implement them into your website.

Regular updates


As the web is consistently evolving in terms of technologies but also practices, we ensure to regularly review your website to keep it up to date with a smooth user experience and modern functions. We assess periodically emerging trends and technologies to provide our clients with tailored up to date solutions.

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